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The Genealogy of Joseph Bissell of

Lebanon, Connecticut and Coitsville, Ohio

A Continuation of #303 in Edward P. Jones’ Bissell Genealogy

 and #5-127 in Pelham St. George Bissell III’s Bissell Genealogy

**Version 8.0, October 2014**

by Roger Bissell

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Introductory note: this is one of a series of “continuations” of families listed in Edward P. Jones’ genealogy of the descendants of Captain John Bissell of Windsor, Connecticut. Building on Stiles’ History of Ancient Windsor, Jones traced a number of lines of Bissells no further than the late 1700s or early 1800s, and other researchers (including myself, as compiler of this series) have subsequently managed to bring those lines on down to the present. Some continuations have already been published, and this series will simply extract the data from those works and present it here. Others have been more loosely gathered and are being published here for the first time. In still other cases, published continuations are being more completely filled in or extended for this series. Someday, building on the foundation laid by Stiles and Jones, a new genealogy of the Connecticut Bissells will be published and submitted to appropriate libraries, and it is hoped that this series will play an important role in helping to bring that about....Roger Bissell, Orange, California, November, 1999.

As listed in Edward P. Jones’ Genealogy of the Descendants of Captain John Bissell of Windsor, Connecticut by 1639, Joseph Bissell (1731-1814) appears as #303, son of Benjamin Bissell #137, grandson of John Bissell #10, great-grandson of Lieut. Thomas Bissell #3, and great-great-grandson of Captain John Bissell #1. This line of descent may be more readily seen as follows:

Captain John #1àThomas #3àJohn #10àBenjamin #137àJoseph #303

Joseph Bissell’s descendants have been extensively studied, because of the suspicion (later confirmed) that one of his grandsons was the father of my great-great-grandfather, Pierce B. Bissell (1817-1870). E. P. Jones has a few of Joseph’s descendants in his Bissell Genealogy, but this web document contains a great many more, so we will present Jones’ listing as he numbered them, then present our own version, beginning with a fresh numbering system for each of his sons.

Joseph Bissell was born May 1731 in Lebanon, Connecticut and was baptized July 2, 1731. He married April 12, 1753 to Hannah Partridge, whose father was John Partridge. Hannah was born in 1730 and died 1819 in Youngstown, Ohio. Joseph was a surveyor of Windham County, Connecticut, and he and his family moved in 1800 to Coitsville, Ohio, where he died in 1814. They had seven children and numerous descendants, these being the ones listed by Jones:

664. Mary Wattles Bissell b. 5-27-1755, d. 8-8-1796 (or 1795), unmarried, buried in Goshen, Ohio Church Yard.

665. John Partridge Bissell b. 3-9-1757, d. 3-1811 at Coitsville, Ohio, m. 6-30-1790 Temperance Stark. She was b. 10-25-1767, d. 4-8-1852. They moved to Ohio in 1800. Moved to Ohio in 1800 with parents. He was a Civil Engineer. He laid out the Western Reserve in Ohio. [He was also a Revolutionary War soldier.] [An Ohio genealogist, Lida Flint Harshman, wrote my father Eldon K. Bissell on March 4, 1979, and informed us that the Trumbull County courthouse records list John’s minor children as: Jabez, William, John, Polly, Milly, Charlotte, and Mary. This list omits Anna, so it’s possible Edward P. Jones was mistaken about her not dying until 1826. The list also misnames Caroline as Mary (probably given as Cary), because Polly = Mary. Also, Milly is the nickname for Parmelia.] [For reference, his children listed below with the numbers assigned them by Edward P. Jones: 1329-1338.]

*1329. Betsey (Elizabeth) Bissell “of Lebanon, Conn. and Coitsville, Ohio” [and Mercer Co., Penn.], b. 1791, m. William Byers. [They had numerous children in addition to Ambrose. See below.]

2267. Ambrose Byers, m. Mary M. Cracken and had Ovid A. Byers. [They had numerous other children. See below.]

*1330. William Bissell “of Lebanon, Conn.” [and Coitsville, Ohio and Mercer Co., Penn., and Porter Co., Indiana], b. 1793 (4-5-1793) [actually, 1795; April 1793 is too soon after the second child was born in August of 1792; the 5 was probably miscopied as a 3], m. 1838 Sarah Corey. She was b. 1807 and d. 1883. [Note: the marriage date is impossible. They actually married in 1824, and William died in 1837 or 1838.] [Note: William had a total of six children, and all of their known descendants are listed on the web page for his father, John Partridge Bissell, which is linked from within Appendix 1 below.]

*2268. Caroline Bissell “of Lebanon, Conn.” [She was never there!] b. 1825, d. 1917, m. 1844 David Turner. He was b. 1816 and d. 1891.

*3201. Annie Maria Turner b. 1855, m. 1877 Freeman Elder Morgan. He was b. 1850 and d. 1891.

3754. Margaret Morgan, b. Kuxnoll, India, m. Augustus D. Forbush. Member of D.A.R.

*3202. Sarah J. Turner b. 1847 in Lake Co., Indiana, m. 1875 Rev. Thomas W. Montieth. He was b. 1843 and d. 1911.  Member of D.A.R.

3755. Carolina V. Montieth, b. Port Huron, Michigan. Member of D.A.R.

3203. Emma Turner b. Crown Point, Indiana, m. I. C. Emory. Member of D.A.R.

*2269. William Bissell II “of Fort Dodge, Iowa” [on way to Phillipsburg, Kansas], b. 1837, d. 1897, m. 1866 Mary M. Calkins. She was b. in 1843 and d. 1906.

3204. Myrta Bissell, b. in Fort Dodge, Iowa, m. David Dillard Haggard. Member of D.A.R.

*2270. John Bissell “of Indiana” [lived at Phillipsburg, Kansas], m. Rebecca Cornell.

3205. Maria Bissell, b. in Porter Co., Indiana, m. Walter Cannon. Member of D.A.R.

          1331. Anna Bissell b. 1792, d. 1826 unmarried.

*1332. John Lebanon Bissell (Twin of Jabez) “of Lebanon, Conn.” [and Pittsburg, Penn.], b. 1 or 6-8-1797, d. 7-15-1865 in Pittsburg, Penn.,m. 7-13-1820 Nancy Semple, dau. of William and Nancy Semple. He established the first rolling mill in Pittsburg.

*2271. William Semple Bissell “of Lebanon, Conn. and Pittsburg, PA,” b. 8-1822 in Pittsburg, Pa., d. 5-27-1885, m. 1st 1845 Elizabeth E. A. [D.] Hogg (d. 1856), dau. of George Hogg, m. 2nd [1857] Eliza Shields, dau. of John Wilson Shields. [He lived at Versailles Twp., Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania.][John, James, and Mary are from William’s first marriage, the others from his second marriage.][Note: William is listed as E. S. age 70, b. May 1830 in the 1900 census! But all those children are certainly his.]

                 *3206. Mary Bissell [b. ca. 1856] m. [after 1880] Norman Spang.

                             3756. Sarah A. Spang m. Alfred ____.

                             3757. Frederick Spang

                3207. John [Hogg] Bissell b. 7-10-1849. [Apparently in Rico, Ouray Co., Colorado in 1880 census. Jno. Bissell age 30, banker, unmarried.]

3908. James H. Bissell [b. ca. 1850] m. Eliza Wilson. They resided in Minneapolis, Minn. [Shown in 1880 census of Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., Minnesota as age 30, physician, with wife Addie age 28, both b. PA, in the household of George H. Rust, real estate agent.][IGI shows James Bissell m. Jane Powers on 9-16-1886 in Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania. Not sure if this is the same person.]

                3209. William W. Bissell II. [b. ca. 1859]. [He m. 2-24-1892 in Allegheny Co., PA to Annie Martin.]

                3210. Maria W. Bissell [census says b. 6-1861].

                *3211. David Shields Bissell [b. 12-8-1859, chr. 9-16-1860 at Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania] m. [6-7-1892 in Welland Co., Ontario, Canada] Anne T. Bush [Annie Morris T. Bush, b. 4-13-1860 in New York].

3758. Constance Bonner Bissell b. 2-26-1898, m. Thomas D. Finley.

                        3759. John Ten Bush Bissell [b. 11-18-1893 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania].

                        3760. Leet Wilson Bissell b. 4-4-1895 in Pittsburgh, Pa.

                        3761. Philip Ten Broeck Bissell [b. 12-1896 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania]

3212. Nancy Semple Bissell [chr. 1-18-1864, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania][census says b. 5-1864 age 36].

                3213. Sarah Eliza Bissell [chr. 6-3-1865, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania][census says b. 8-1865, age 34].

                3214. Robert Wilson Bissell [chr. 6-15-1867, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania][census says b. 8-1867 age 32].

3215. Albert Bissell [b. 10-6-1868, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania, d. 4-1-1947, chr. 6-19-1869][census says b. 10-1869 age 30].

                3216. Joseph E. [Emery] Bissell [chr. 8-18-1870][census says b. 9-1871 age 28].

*2272. John Partridge Bissell III “of Pittsburgh, PA,” b. in Pittsburg, Pa., m. Mary A., dau. of George A. Bayard. She d. 1866. [Note: He was co-author in 1896 (with his second cousin, Alexander Murray Turner of Hammond, Indiana) of The Bissell-Turner Genealogy, from which a good deal of this family’s vital statistics was taken. See Caroline Bissell Turner in William Bissell’s second family, linked from Appendix 1 below.]

                3217. Annie B. Bissell

3218. George Bayard Bissell d. 3-24-1886 in Springfield, Mass.

          2273. Annie M. Bissell d. 1902 unmarried

          2274. Thomas Bissell d. young

          2275. Josiah Bissell d. 11-30-1891

*2276. Charles Semple Bissell “of Lebanon and Cleveland, Conn.” [actually, Cleveland, Ohio], d. in Cleveland, Ohio, m. Cynthia Wick. [b. ca. 1825, wife b. ca. 1830]

                3219. Edward Bissell [b. ca. 1859]

                3220. Jennie Bissell [b. ca. 1862] m. Frank Olcott

                3221. Augusta Bissell [b. ca. 1864] m. William Boardman

                3222. Julia Bissell [b. ca. 1857] m. Robert Clarke

                3223. Florence Bissell [b. ca. 1870] m. Henry Wick.

*2277. Francis (Frank) Bissell b. 1-28-1833 in Pittsburg, Pa., d. 1920, m. 1st 1856 Martha H. Miller, m. 2nd 1866 Ann Margaret Jackson, b. 6-14-1837, d. 8-1-1918. He was proprietor of the Eagle Foundry in Pittsburg.

*3224. Henry Miller Bissell b. 4-25-1857, d. 6-5-1893, m. 1st Jenny Finney, no issue, m. 2nd 6-70-1888 Bessie, dau. of Charles Taylor Gray.

                3762. Anna Pauli Bissell

*3225. George W. Jackson Bissell b. 5-18-1867, m. 5-23-1898 Katherine Amelia Ewing Hogg of New Haven, Pa.

*3763. John Jackson Bissell b. 6-30-1903, m. 6-18-1927 Margaret Norman Sacks of Hartford, Conn.

                        3938. John Jackson Bissell II. b. 10-6-1928 [d. 10-7-1952].

                        3939. A son (not christened) b. 1-29-1938    

3764. Frank Semple Bissell b. 2-22-1912, m. 1-1937 Eleanor Merrick of Pittsburg, Pa.

          3226. John Bonner Bissell d. 2-10-1916.

          *2278. Ellen C. Bissell m. 1870 Dr. Alexander M. Speer

                  3227. J. Bissell Speer

                  3228. Alexander Speer II

          2279. Mary Bissell

        1333. Jabez Bissell (Twin of John L.) b. 1-8-1787, d. 5-1853 unmarried.

1334. Polly Bissell b. 1798, m. 1858 James Kyle, d. 11-24-1880. [They had no children together. See Appendix 1.]

        1335. Emery Bissell b. 1801 in Coitsville, Ohio, d. 1803. [According to  

          Historical Collections of Mahoning County, Emery was the first death in 

          Coitsville, but his death occurred in his infancy in 1801.]

1336. Parmela Bissell b. 1803, m. James Beggs, d. 11-1865. [They had at least six children. See Appendix 1.]

1337. Charlotte Bissell b. 1806, m. James McGeehan, d. 8-1847. [They had at least one child. Appendix.]

1338. Carlonia [Caroline] Bissell b. 1809, m. ____ Turner and had issue, d. 10-13-1832 unmarried. [The “unmarried” is correct; it was her niece, William’s daughter Caroline, who married David Turner and had issue. See Appendix 1.]

666. Joseph William Bissell b. 2-10-1759, d. 7-1855 (or 12-17-1828 ae. 70) at Oneida Co., N.Y. He m. Betsey Clark of Lebanon, Conn. Memorial in Norwalk Cemetery, Norwalk, Conn. Reads: “Mrs. Betsey d. 7-21-1850 ae. 91 yrs. 9 mos.” She was b. 1759 at Norwalk, Conn. d. 1850 ae 91 (7-27-1850 ae. 91). Joseph removed with son, Leverett to Oneida Co., N.Y. in 1820 in an ox cart.

*1339. Gov. Clark Bissell b. 9-7-1782, d. 9-15-1857, m. 4-29-1811 Sally, dau. of Hon. S. B. Sherwood of Westport, Conn. She was b. 7-6-1788, d. 2-27-1856. Clark was Judge of Supreme Court in 1805, Governor in 1805, Prof. of law in Yale Law School 1847.

*2280. Rev. Samuel Burr Sherwood Bissell b. 2-16-1812 in Westport, d. 8-23-1894, m. 1st 12-4-1839 Fanny M. dau. of Renssalaer and Catherine (Webb) Havens of N.Y. She was b. 7-15-1821 and d. 5-1-1864. He m. 2nd 5-4-1867 Fannie, dau. of James and Julia (Baldwin) Miller of Newark, N.J. She was b. 6-10-1833 and d. 6-29-1909.

        3229. Ellen A. Bissell b. 9-25 (or 26)-1840.

3230. Samuel Sherwood Bissell b. 9-17-1842 bapt. 3-10-1843.

3231. Catherine (Kate) Havens Bissell b. 10-5-1844 bapt. 1846.

*3232. Renssalaer Havens Bissell b. 4-27-1848 bapt. 1848, d. 9-9-1934, m. Frederica Belden b. 9-28-1849 d. 6-5-1918.

3765. Samuel Burr Sherwood Bissell b. 5-13-1872, d. 4-15-1900.

3766. Frederick Belden Bissell d. 8-28-1895 ae. 11 mo.

3233 Fanny M. Bissell b. 1-9-1854.

3234. Clark Bissell b. 12-13-1855, d. 6-29-1881.

3235. Morris Jessup Havens Bissell b. 1 (or 7)-28-1857, d. 11-3-1912, m. Leila Lormar b. 12-25-1866, d. 2-22-1921.

[3236 – erroneous entry by Jones, deleted]

3237. Dr. Frederick P. Bissell b. 7-30-1859, d. 7-25-1886.

3238. Howard Havens Bissell b. 4-16-1864, d. 7-29-1886, single.

3239. James Miller Bissell b. 2-20-1868, d. 11-27-1875.

*2281. Edward Clark Bissell b. 8-1-1822, d. 12-18-1891, m. 5-16-1844 Betsey, dau. of Daniel Havens of N.Y.C. She d. 8-24-1881 ae. 60 yrs. 3 mos. 9 days.

*3240. Arthur Henry Bissell b. 2-16-1845, d. 1-4-1882, m. 9-3-1874 Frances A. Shelton b. 1-28-1850, d. 1823.

*3767. Shelton Bissell b. 9-4-1875, m. 6-19-1902 Charlotte Douglass Keith, lives at Danbury, New Hampshire.

*3940. Keith Bissell b. 6-6-1903, m. 6-26-1930 Eleanor Marguerite Bragdon (d. 1936), m. 2nd 6-25-1937 Marilon Beatrice Eddy Bissell, widow of Charles Raymond Bissell.

3968. Edwin Bragdon Bissell b. 4-9-1931.

                                3969. Keith Bissell II b. 9-12-1932.

                                3970. David Arthur Bissell b. 1-38-1938.

3941. Arthur Harry Bissell b. 6-15-1905, m. 10-10-1935 Marjorie Nelson.

*3942. Charles Raymond Bissell b. 11-4-1906, d. 1-25-1936, m. Marion Beatrice Eddy.

3971. Charles Raymond Bissell II, b. 8-31-1932.

3972. Charlotte Anna Bissell b. 9-10-1936.                              

3943. Margaret Bissell (adopted) b. 11-30-1910, m. 2-4-1931 John Roderick Gibbons.

*3768. Arthur Henry Bissell b. 7-9-1877, m. 6-19-1910 Helen Manott (b. 9-5-1882), lives in Montclair, N.J.

          3944. Arthur Henry Bissell II, b. 6-15-1911

          3945. Faith Bissell b. 8-29-1913

          3946. Helen Treat Bissell b. 2-8-1918

          3947. Marion Bissell b. 11-7-1921

         3769. Bessie Hyde Bissell b. 2-20-1880, d. 6-14-1880.

         3241. Caroline J. Bissell b. 6-8-1847, d. 12-13-1862.

*3242. Edward H. Bissell b. 7-15-1849, d. 8-14-1903, m. 1-13-1875 Rachel Harrison (d. 1932).

*3770. Henry Harrison Bissell b. 2-20-1876, m. 10-22-1904 Frances Emerson, dau. of Francis Emerson and Cora Sprague Hinds.

*3948. Henry Harrison Bissell II b. 6-6-1907, m. 8-21-1933 Kathleen, dau. of Alfred and Mary McNally Bernadine.

                                      3973. Jennifer Bissell b. 7-12-1936.

3949. Frances Eleanor Bissell (female) b. 9-10-1908, m. 5-15-1928 Lt. Shirley R. Hurd (male).

                        3950. Edward Havens Bissell b. 10-5-1911

                        3951. Sally Sherwood Bissell b. 8-27-1922  

         3243. Fanny H. Bissell b. 8-26-1852, d. 2-9-1873.

         3244. Daniel Clark Bissell b. 4-13-1854, d. 3-26-1872.

*3245. Henry Smythe Bissell b. 2-23-1856, d. 3-20-1898, m. 5-13-1880 Elizabeth McLeod Brannan (she m. 2nd Hester Geiger).

3771. Kenneth McLeod Bissell b. 4-27-1884, m. 10-8-1913 Josephine Lillian Jayne.

3772. Clifford Hershey Bissell b. 2-24-1887, m. 5-21-1921 Celia Thayer Hillyer.

*3773. Malcolm Havens Bissell b. 10-11-1889, m. 6-30-1915 Ella Mary Taylor

                   3952. Malcolm Havens Bissell II b. 10-1-1916

                   3953. Elinor Elizabeth Bissell b. 3-17-1918

3774. Maud Leffingwell Bissell b. 1-17-1882, d. 3-30-1893.

3246. Harriet Sherwood Bissell (Twin of George Ferry) b. 3-6-1862, d. 6-30-1864.

3247. George Ferry Bissell (Twin of Harriet Sherwood) b. 3-6-1862, d. 7-6-1864.

*2282. George A. Bissell b. 8-27-1824, d. 4-14-1860, m. Helen Augusta Talcott, b. 10-27-1829, d. 1-17-1893.

                   3248. Sarah Sherwood Bissell b. 3-19-1855, d. 4-18-1894.

                   3249. Fanny Talcott Bissell b. 8-30-1856, d. 9-7-1857.

                   3950. Caroline Bissell b. 9-7-1857

                   3951. Mary T. Bissell

          *2283. Mary E. Bissell b. 2-22-1827, d. 1907, m. C. C. Betts.

                   3952. Thaddeus Betts

                   3953. Edward C. Betts  

                   3954. Charles Betts

*2284. Charlotte Charity Bissell b. 12-18-1828, b. 3-13-1915, m. Hon. Orrin Sanford Ferry, b. 8-15-1823, d. 11-25-1875.

                   3955. Mary B. Ferry b. 9-17-1849, d. 3-18-1915

                   3956. Archesus Henry Ferry d. young                  

          2285. Arthur Henry Bissell d. 12-9-1831 ae. 7 mos.

*1340. Leverett Bissell b. 11-11-1785, bapt. 1788, d. 9-11-1833. He m. 9-21-1806 Betsey Burnham. She was b. 7-31-1787, d. 7-6-1868.

2286. Betsy A. Bissell b. 8-11-1809, m. Samuel Beau. [Note: LDS records say she was Betsy Augusta Bissell.]

2287. Maria B. Bissell b. 10-1-1807, d. 9-3-1835, m. Samuel Alden. [Note: LDS records say she was Maria Burnham Bissell.]

2288. Mary F. Bissell b. 7-13-1811, d. 4-9-1844, m. Thomas Heath. [Note: LDS records say she was Mary Frances Bissell.]

2289. Eunice Bissell b. 3-29-1814, d. 1844, m. Wesley Lattin. [Note: LDS records say she was Eunice Smith Bissell.]

*2290. William J. Bissell b. 6-10-1816, d. 8-17-1898. He m. 10-11-1842 Mary Putnam. She was b. 1-6-1818, d. 4-16-1818. [Note: LDS records say he was William Joseph Bissell.]

*3257. William P. Bissell b. 11-5-1844, m. 2nd Annie Moseley, children by 1st wife:

                   *3775. William Henry Bissell m. Florence ____

                             3954. Helen Bissell

                   *3776. John Bissell m. Valetta Hawthorne.

                             3955. John Bissell

                             3956. Hawthorne Bissell

                   3777. Wayne Bissell

                   3778. Grant Bissell

*3258. Henry N. Bissell b. 12-26-1847, d. 2-12-1935, m. 8-7-1889 Charlotte Elizabeth Peck.

*3779. George Peck Bissell b. 6-6-1890, m. 2-12-1912 Anne Johnson.

                             3957. Joseph William Bissell b. 12-1-1915. 

*3259 Emery G. Bissell b. 6-22-1850, d. 9-2-1891, m. 1882 Emma Gentry.

3780. William Joseph Bissell b. 1-24-1888, m. Louise Mackay.

                3781. Ruth Bissell.

*3260. Samuel S. Bissell b. 4-26-1852, d. 5-8-1919, m. 6-3-1884 Emma Willard.

                3782. Elizabeth E. Bissell b. 3-24-1896.

                3783. Mary Bissell b. 3-30-1890.

3784. Willard S. Bissell b. 1-15-1887, m. 1911 Amy Clark. Lives at Waterville, N.Y.

3261. Wayne B. Bissell b. 1-7-1860, d. 12-1915 without issue, m. Adelina Benedict.

                2291. Emery Gillette Bissell b. 9-8-1818, d. 12-12-1857.

2292. John L. Bissell b. 10-19-1822, d. 9-22-1908. [Note: LDS records say he was John Leverett Bissell.]

          3262. Ellison Bissell m. Francis Reed.

2293. Lucy A. Bissell b. 11-22-1824, d. 5-8-1829, young. [Note: LDS records say she was Lucy Ann Bissell.]

*1341. Dr. Emery Bissell b. 1791 (or 1786), d. 1849. He m. Mary Hayes, b. 1788 and d. 1865. His memorial in the Norwalk Cemetery, Norwalk, Conn. Reads: “Dr. Emery Bissell d. 11-16-1849 ae. 59.”

2294. George Bissell d. young. [Note: LDS records say he was George H. Bissell b. 11-29-1823, d. ca. 1819.]

*2295. William E. Bissell b. Norwalk, Conn., m. 1st Angeline Seaver of Boston, Mass. Memorial in Norwalk Cemetery, Norwalk, Conn. reads: “Angie Seaver d. 4-9-1856 ae. 88.” She was b. 1768, d. 4-9-1856 ae. 88 yrs. [Note: this is highly unlikely. William was born about 1820, so his wife could not have been 50 years older than him! She was probably 38 years old when she died, not 88!] William m. 2nd Charlotte ______. [Note: LDS records say he was William Emery Bissell b. 10-30-1820.]

          3263. Minerva Wheaton Bissell d. 8-18-1853 ae. 2 yrs.

          3264. Angelina Bissell b. 9-30-1853.

          3265. Sylvia W. Bissell d. 12-22-1860 ae. 4 yrs. 8 mos. 2 days.

          3266. Edward J. Bissell b. 8-17-1862, d. 11-15-1862.

2296. Henry Bissell m. Harriet Mott. [Note: LDS records say he was Henry Martin Bissell b. 12-7-1821.]

2297. Mary Hayes Bissell, memorial in Norwalk Cemetery, Norwalk, Conn. reads: “Mary Hayes, eldest daughter of Dr. Emery Bissell d. 9-15-1845 ae. 19.” d. single. [Note: LDS records say she was b. 12-15-1825.]

*2298. Harriet Bissell, memorial in Norwalk Cemetery, Norwalk, Conn. reads: “Harriet d. 3-17-1857 ae. 29 yrs., m. Willard Smith Pope. [Note: LDS records say she was Harriet Louisa Bissell b. 11-16-1827.]

          3267. Harriet Bissell Pope b. 1857.

*2299. Julie Ann Bissell b. 1829, d. 1872, m. Willard Smith Pope as his 2nd wife. [Note: LDS records say she was b. 8-17-1829.]

         3268. Pauline Pope b. 1864, m. Charles Tyler Miller.

*3269. Willard Pope b. 1-10-1867 in Oak Park, Ill., m. 6-29-1899 Fanny Laura Shaw.

                   3785. Mary Shaw Pope, b. 4-7-1900.

                   3786. Willard Bissell Pope b. 5-29-1903.

                   3787. Margaret Moulton Pope b. 1-31-1907.        

          1342. William Bissell bapt. 8-11-1793, d. young.

667. Benjamin Bissell b. 3-30-1761 (or 3-31-1761), m. Elizabeth Bissell (incorrect). [They lived in Otsego Co., NY and had numerous children. Their known and presumed descendants are listed on a web page linked from Appendix 2 below.]

668. Annie (Ammi Ruhami) Bissell b. 9-11-1776, d. 1828 in Youngstown, Ohio. He m. Prudence Burrows (or Murphy) and went to Ohio in 1814. [Actually, it was in 1806. See Appendix 4.] [Reference made to a Supposition – see letter from Charles Edwin Bissell of Pittsburg, Kansas to Edward P. Jones in Winsted, Conn.; text of letter not in Jones book. The supposition is that A. R. Bissell of Dewitt, Iowa was Ammi’s son, Ammi Jr. This is borne out by the fact that Ammi’s widow, Prudence, then 86 years of age, was in A.R.’s 1860 household.] [He had eight children. His known and presumed descendants are listed on a web page linked from Appendix 3 below.]

          *1343. Ami Ruhami Bissell II b. 1812, m. Maria Burr.

                   *2300. Joseph Benjamin Bissell b. 3-16-1842.

                             3270. Charles Edwin Bissell of Pittsburg, Kansas

669. Guido Lusignanua Bissell b. 4-9-1767 (or 4-9-1769). He m. Zerviah (daughter of Daniel Bissell II #302, granddaughter of Daniel Bissell #136; they were second cousins) b. 6-28-1779 (or 1778), d. 1838.

          1307. Betsey Bissell b. 4-3-1800, d. 1875 unmarried.

          *1308. Daniel Bissell b. 4-18-1802, m. Emily Sophrona Youngs, d. 1875.

2257. Harriet Z. Bissell, b. Otsego Co., N.Y., m. Dr. C. G. Sumner,  member of D.A.R.

                2258. Emily Sophrina Bissell, unmarried.

          *1309. Hannah Bissell b. 4-2-1805, m. John Vely, d. 1884.

                2259. Mary Elizabeth Vely, b. 8-14-1838, unmarried.

          *1310. George Bissell b. 5-8-1812, m. Clarissa Sweet, d. 1884.

2260. Henry Jackson Bissell, m. Alice Bissell (#2266, daughter of #1324, Daniel Fitch Bissell and Jane Gregory), b. 5-24-1865, d. 2-17-1928.

670. Leveret (Leverett) Bissell b. 1-2-1771, m. Isabelle McFarland and moved to Ohio. [There is some likelihood that this is in error, and that it was his nephew Leverett (Ammi Ruhamah Bissell’s son) who married Isabelle McFarland. The latter’s wife was named Isabelle, and they lived near the McFarlands in Coitsville, Ohio.]

Appendix 1—More information about John Partridge Bissell of Coitsville, Ohio

In the Historical Collections of the Mahoning Valley, there is an essay on Coitsville Township of Mahoning Co., Ohio which was written on December 24, 1875 by John Schield. He points out the pivotal role John Partridge Bissell had in the settling of this community:

John Partridge Bissel came, in company with Asa Mariner and others, to assist in surveying and dividing this and some other townships into lots, preparatory to putting the land into market. Mr. Bissel was appointed a sub-agent to sell the land. He made a clearing, and built a house at the center of the township in 1799. The farm then opened is still in possession of his heirs, and is the home of his daughter, Mrs. Mary Kyle, to whom we are indebted for the above facts, stated in this communication. In 1800 Mr. Bissel brought his family from the town of Lebanon, Conn. After forty days' wearisome journeying through the wilderness they arrived at their new home in Coitsville. The first white family that settled in the township was Amos Loveland, a Revolutionary soldier. He came to the Reserve in 1798; spent the Summer in assisting Mr. Bissel in surveying.

Schield notes that John P. Bissell somehow managed to be installed before 1805 as the first acting Justice of the Peace for Coitsville Township, but his major involvement in town matters was in his capacity as land speculator:

In 1801 Coitsville began to settle up rapidly. Mr. Bissel was successful in disposing of numerous lots of land to farmers from Pennsylvania, who were seeking homes in what was then the far West. The titles to lands in Western Pennsylvania being very precarious and uncertain, many of the emigrants chose to pitch their tents on the Ohio side of the line, where the titles were considered unquestionable…The year 1811 brought hard times for many of the pioneers of Coitsville. Mr. Bissel died in that year. His financial affairs were found in a bad condition, which brought disaster to many of those who had purchased their lands from him. Some had paid for their lands, received their deeds, and were, consequently, safe. Others who had not got their lands paid for and received their titles were caught up. No matter how much they had paid, all fared alike and received a small percentage on the money which they had paid. The land had to be re-purchased or abandoned. It was supposed, had he [John P. Bissell] lived to settle up his own affairs, the result would have been different.

Freeman Ernest Morgan, Jr., a great-grandson of William Bissell’s daughter, Caroline Bissell Turner, wrote to me on January 29, 1986 and added the following perspective on William Partridge Bissell:

The Bissells were generally long lived. CAROLINE (BISSELL) TURNER was 92, but her father had died at 43 and his father, JOHN PARTRIDGE BISSELL at 54. He was wheeling & dealing in real estate and when he died suddenly intestate, he had sold many properties on which he still owed mortgages. The administrators could not collect on what was owed him because they could not give title unless they paid up the rest of the money which they did not have! It was the old story of being spread too thin without enough capital. He wound up more than $5,000 in the hole; a LOT of “green stuff” in THOSE days! The widow was given HER third, however, before the balance of the creditors were forced to settle for the cash remaining. When HANNAH (PARTRIDGE) BISSELL died in 1817, she left HER money to the children of her son, JOHN PARTRIDGE BISSELL, since THEY had been denied an estate from their father due to the unfortunate timing of his demise. She had many OTHER grandchildren but left it all to this one family.

For more details, see Connecticut #665 John Partridge Bissell.

Appendix 2—More information about Benjamin Bissell of Otsego County, New York and Painesville, Ohio

The following article on Benjamin Bissell 1761-1841 was posted on the Internet in 1996 by Becky Falin, and the material is taken from A Record of the Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Lake County, Ohio, published in 1902 by the New Connecticut Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, Painesville, Ohio.

Benjamin Bissell enlisted in the Revolutionary War from Lebanon, Conn. in 1778 or 1779 in Capt. Bliss' Company, Col. Ledyard's Regiment for three months; again in 1781 for nine months in Capt. Munson's Company, Col. Zebulon Butler's Regiment, Connecticut Troops.

Benj. Bissell was born at Lebanon, Conn., March 31, 1761. At the same place he married Elizabeth Heath in 1784, and later removed to New York, spending the larger part of their lives at Hartwick, where they raised a family of eleven children.

In 1832 Mr. and Mrs. Bissell were with a daughter at Burlington, N.Y., from which place he applied for a pension which was granted him. Later he came to Painesville, Ohio, to spend their remaining years with their son, Judge Benjamin Bissell, where Benjamin Bissell, Sr., died Oct. 1, 1841, and his wife Elizabeth, Feb. 24, 1851, aged eighty-nine years. Both are buried in Evergreen Cemetery.

Benjamin Bissell was a cousin of Gov. Clark Bissell of Conn., and his son Judge Benjamin Bissell was State Senator from Painesville in years 1839-40.

From the L.D.S. database and U.S. censuses, we have gleaned the following information and made the following speculations about Benjamin and Elizabeth and their children: Benjamin Bissell [hereinafter referred to as Benjamin 1761] b. March 30, 1761, Lebanon, Windham Co., CT, d. Oct 1, 1841, Painesville, Lake Co., OH. His parents were Joseph Bissell and Hannah Partridge. He m. Jan. 20, 1784 at Lebanon, Windham Co., CT to Elizabeth Heath, daughter of Josiah Heath and Mercy Owen. She was b. May 13, 1761, Salisbury, Windham Co., CT, d. Feb. 21, 1851, Painesville, Lake Co., OH. [Note the slight discrepancies in some of these dates with those in the above account.]

We have adopted the listing of their children found on the Internet, but with the addition of Timothy and John H. as fairly likely candidates, in order to round out the 11 children claimed for the family. Timothy, who lived in Painesville near Judge James Benjamin, named a son James. John H., who lived in Otsego Co. and in Michigan, used the family names Julia, Caroline, and Cynthia for his daughters, and it may be that his middle name is Heath.

We have departed from the Internet assignment of approximate years of birth for the older children, because census details made it obvious that the guesses were not accurate. First of all, it is apparent from the 1850 and 1860 censuses that Julius was the eldest child, and it is also apparent that Clarissa was born 10 years earlier than is claimed by the Internet listing. This writer suspects that a daughter named Angeline belongs in this time period, though perhaps that is Clarissa’s or Julia’s middle name. It may also be that Marcus should be kept in this period, but a more likely candidate exists, Timothy Bissell who appeared in the 1840 census of Painesville, OH where Judge James Benjamin Bissell also lived. These are minor problems, however, rather easily solved.

The first real problems appear in the census of Lebanon, Windham Co., CT of 1790, which shows Benjamin’s household to include 2 sons under 16 and 2 daughters. This breakdown is also found in the Otsego Co., NY of 1800, which further shows 2 sons and 1 daughter b. 1790-1800. Even revising the listing to place Clarissa in the 1784-1790 group, and assuming that Marcus is correctly placed, we are still missing a daughter for that time period. Secondly, we are missing a son and a daughter for the 1790-1800 group. Thirdly, and most importantly, there being 7 children in the 1800 household leaves only four slots after 1800 for children, so John H. 1808 cannot be included, if Marcia is correctly placed, along with the twins (Charlotte and Caroline) and (Judge) James Benjamin, as being born after 1800. But even if we were to fix this problem by discovering (or assuming, as we shall) that Marcia belongs to the 1784-1790 or 1790-1800 group, thus freeing up a space for John H. 1808, that is still not the end of the difficulties.

A more serious problem appears in the 1810 census listings, which present us with not one but two Benjamins, neither of whom appears to be Benjamin 1761! Consider first Benjamin Bissell in the 1810 census of Hartwick, Otsego Co., NY:

1M 10-16 2M 16-26 1M 45+

2F 0-10 1f 10-16 1f 16-26 1F 45+

He is certainly the right age and in the right place to be Benjamin 1761. So, assuming this is Benjamin 1761’s household, we analyze it as: Benjamin b. before 1765 (Benjamin 1761), 2 males b. 1784-1794 (Marcus and Julius?), 1 male b. 1794-1800 (Joseph?), wife b. before 1765 (Elizabeth 1761), female b. 1784-1794 (Clarissa? No she was married about 1808. Julia?), female b. 1794-1800 (Julia?), 2 females b. 1800-1810 (the twins, but where is Marcia, supposedly b. 1801?). Also, worst of all, where is (Judge) James Benjamin b. 1805, not to mention John H. b. 1808?

Now, consider Benjamin Bissell in the 1810 census of Otsego, Otsego Co., NY:

2M 0-10, 1M 10-16, 1M 26-45, 1F 0-10, 1F 26-45

In other words, here we have Benjamin b. 1765-84, one male b. 1794-1800, two males b. 1800-1810, his wife b. 1765-84, and one female b. 1800-1810. Who are these people? This might actually be the household of Benjamin 1761, but with his and his wife’s ages incorrect (should be 45+). If so, the other males could be his sons Joseph 1796, (Judge) James Benjamin 1805, and John H. 1808, and the female could be his daughter Marcia C. 1801. But then, if this is so, where are the twins? And who was the first-mentioned Benjamin, who was of the correct age?

On the other hand, assuming the adults’ ages are correct in this household, and that the head of household is relatively younger, with a brother and two young sons living with him, this could instead be a son of Benjamin 1761, namely, Benjamin b. ca. 1784, with brother Joseph 1796, son (Judge) James Benjamin 1805, son John H. 1808, and daughter Marcia C. 1801. In fact, since it is known that Marcus was still alive in 1810 (since he fought in the War of 1812), but is nowhere to be found in the census of that year, it is very possible that he is this Benjamin of Otsego, NY, and that his full name was Marcus Benjamin Bissell. (It would appear, if this is true, that the two oldest sons were named after ancient Roman figures: Marcus Aurelius and Julius Caesar.) That will be our working assumption. But whoever this second-mentioned Benjamin is (unless he actually is Benjamin 1761 with erroneous age given), he had died or disappeared by the 1820 census, so his children were left to their own devices—or to the kindness of relatives.

Because of all these tangled, perplexing problems, we make here a radical leap, but one which is firmly based on precedent. As noted, we theorize that Hartwick Benjamin of 1810 was indeed Old Benjamin 1761, and Otsego Benjamin of 1810 was actually Old Benjamin’s son, Marcus Benjamin Bissell. (There is another Benjamin Bissell living in Otsego during this period, but he is the son of Isaac Bissell, and he is identifiable by the fact of his consistently appearing next to his father-in-law in the census.) If so, then the explanation for all the discrepancies in the 1810 census data is fairly simple: we suggest that Marcus Benjamin Bissell died (perhaps in the War of 1812) sometime between 1810 and 1820, and that Old Benjamin 1761 and his wife took in these three children of the younger Benjamin (i.e., their son, Marcus Benjamin) and, since Marcia C., James Benjamin, and John H. were their grandchildren, raised them as their own—a practice common at the time. (Samuel Bissell of Hartwick from the Rhode Island Bissell clan did the same for three of his grandchildren, and they were included in the enumeration of dependents made in his pension application.) Benjamin 1761’s pension application should be examined to see if there is any evidence that he also adopted or foster parented some of his grandchildren.

This proposed scenario has its problems. The 1820 census of Hartwick for Benjamin Bissell seems to show two girls too few and one boy two few: 1M 10-16, 1M 45+, 1F 16-26, and 1F 45+. If this is actually Old Benjamin’s household, then for the two children to be deceased son Marcus Benjamin’s children, they must be Marcia (age approximately 19) and John H. (age approximately 12). His twin daughters Charlotte and Caroline (age approximately 17), as well as Benjamin Jr. (age approximately 15) must all have been living outside the household (perhaps with older siblings).

If this adopted-grandchildren scenario is correct, that would provide all the more reason for Judge James Benjamin 1805 to take in Old Benjamin and Elizabeth, when they lived in Painesville, Ohio; it would be payback for their taking him (and his brother and sister) in when they were youngsters. Also, we will point out that 9 natural children – 1 natural child (Marcus Benjamin, who died before 1820) + 3 adopted grandchildren = a “family of eleven children,” as started in his pension documents. We urge anyone who has proof that the following is not correct to contact us with documentation to back it up, and we will correct it immediately.

Here, then, is a side-by-side comparison of the standard listing on the Internet and our own speculative reconstruction of the children of Benjamin 1761:

Marcus BISSELL b. ca. 1785 Otsego, NY  ?                      Marcus Benjamin BISSELL b. ca. 1784                                                                                               

                                                                                                             Maria C. Bissell b. ca. 1801—adopt.

                                                                                                             James Benjamin Bissell b. 1805—adopt.

                                                                                                             John H. Bissell b. 1808—adopt.

Julius BISSELL b. ca. 1789 Otsego, NY (error)                 Julius BISSELL b. 1784 VERIFIED (twin?)     

Joseph BISSELL b. ca. 1794 Otsego, NY (error)               Clarissa BISSELL b. ca. 1786 VERIFIED

Clarissa BISSELL b. ca. 1797 Otsego, NY (error)             Angeline BISSELL b. ca. 1789 SPECULATIVE

Julia BISSELL b. ca. 1799, Otsego, NY ?                           Timothy BISSELL b. ca. 1792 SPECULATIVE

Marcia C. BISSELL b. ca. 1801 Otsego, NY ?                    Joseph BISSELL b. ca. 1795 VERIFIED

Charlotte BISSELL b. 28 Feb 1803 Otsego, NY                 Julia BISSELL b. ca. 1799 SPECULATIVE

Caroline BISSELL b. 28 Feb 1803 Otsego, NY                  Charlotte BISSELL b. 1803 VERIFIED

Benjamin BISSELL b. ca. 1805 Otsego, NY                       Caroline BISSELL b. 1803 VERIFIED

We realize that some researchers may be concerned about the amount of speculation in reconstruction, as well as the listings below. In reply, we make two points:

(1) This family is woefully under-researched and under-documented, and even with some possible errors here and there, this is by far the most complete and accurate listing that has ever been made of Benjamin’s and Elizabeth’s family and grandchildren.

(2) The names Angeline, Caroline, and Cynthia recur so repeatedly in the Otsego Co., NY and Clinton Co., MI censuses and marriage records, and with reference to New York births, that we took it as a reliable indication that they were members of this extended family. From there, it was a simple matter of figuring out whose households, based on the census data, had slots into which the stray Angelines and Carolines could be placed.

For more details, see Connecticut #667 Benjamin Bissell.

Appendix 3—More about Ammi Rhuhama Bissell of Sharon, Vermont and Coitsville, Ohio

On February 21, 1979, Mrs. Alden C. Cummins, director of the Mahoning Valley Historical Society, sent my father Eldon K. Bissell the following excerpt from the History of Trumbull and Mahoning Counties, Vol. II, H. Z. Williams & Bro., 1882, pp. 167-168:

Ammi R. and Prudence (Burrows) Bissel settled a little north of the village in 1806. Their son, Partridge Bissel, born in 1803, is still a resident of the township. Ammi Bissel was a brother of John P., and came from Vermont. He was the father of five sons and two daughters. He was the first carpenter in the township, and was energetic and active in his work. He was a good neighbor and an honest man. [The village referred to is Coitsville.]

Dr. Robert L. Dodge, a local records specialist with the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus, sent my father substantially the same information on February 21, 1979, and added the following:

Ammi R. Bissell built a large two-story school house for the village in 1823. Later it became a church and later still a saloon and grocery (as of 1882). Most of the old Coitsville settlers were buried in the Deer Creek church cemetery, New Bedford, Pa. You state Ammi died in 1828 and is buried in Coitsville township. Other members of the family might be interred in Pennsylvania.

All eight of Ammi’s children were mentioned by name in a “Petition to Sell Land” in the court of Trumbull County, Ohio, April 29, 1829, which reads:

Said Amni died leaving widow Prudence, John Bissel and Partridge Bissell, Polly wife of Philomen Stilson, Porter Bissel, Leverett Bissel, Roxy wife of Lewis Murray, Amni Bissel and Joseph Bissel (last two minors).