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My Jazz & Commercial Recordings 

Discography of My Commercial Recordings:

Lenny Dee "Easy Lovin'" (1971)

Tom Rapp "Stardancer" (1972)

Boots Randolph et al "Star Spangled Boots" (1972) 

Danny Davis & the Nashville Brass "The Nashville Brass Turns to Gold" (1972)

Bobby Goldsboro "Summer (The First Time)" (1973)

Gary Paxton, "The Astonishing, Outrageous, Amazing, Incredible, Unbelievable, Different World Of Gary S. Paxton" (1975)

Billy Swan, "Rock 'n' Roll Moon" (1975)

Gene Cotton "Rain On" (1976--listed as Roger Hissell)

Perry Como "A Legendary Performer" (1976)

Gary Paxton "MORE of the Astonishing, Outrageous, Amazing, Incredible, Unbelievable Different World Of Gary S. Paxton" (1977)

Amy Grant "Amy Grant" (1977, re-released 2007)

National Geographic Society "Wabash Cannonball" (1977, arranger & conductor)

National Geographic Society "Westward Ho!" (1978, composer, arranger, & conductor")

Michael Johnson "Michael Johnson Album" (1978)

Kathy Barnes "Body Talkin'" (1978)

B. J. Thomas "Happy Man" (1979)

Silver Spurz Orchestra "Silver Spurz Orchestra" (1979)

Crystal Gayle "Miss the Mississippi" (1979)

The Oak Ridge Boys "Have Arrived" (1979)

Don Williams "Portrait" (1979)

Various Artists "Contemporary Christian Hits '78 and '79" (1979?)

Tom Jones "Darlin'" (1981)

The Archers "Spreadin' Like Wildfire" (1981)

Jim Hall "Cadillac Tracks" (1982)

The Oak Ridge Boys "Christmas [1982]" (1982)

Gatlin Brothers "A Gatlin Family Christmas" (1982)

Billy Vaughn "Magic Moments" (about 1982)

B. J. Thomas "Love Shines" (1983)

The Marshall Tucker Band "Just Us" (1983--also listed as Roger Bisel)

The Oak Ridge Boys "American Made" (1983)

Johnny Hallyday "Entre Violence et Violon" (1983)

The Statler Brothers "Atlanta Blue" (1984)

David Allan Coe "Just Divorced" (1984)

Patsy Cline "Sweet Dreams" (1985)

Ray Stevens "I Have Returned" (1986)

The New Columbian Brass Band "A Trip to Coney Island: Descriptive Overtures from America's Golden Age" (1997)

Floyd Cramer "Country Legends" (2001--tracks recorded between 1957 and 1980)

Craig Heesch "From Out of the Wings" (2003)--arranger/trombonist

David Allan Coe "Just Divorced/Darlin' Darlin'" (2004, twofer re-release)

The Imperials "The Lost Album" (2006--note: recorded in 1976!)

Crystal Gayle "Crystal [Miss the Mississippi/These Days]" (2008, twofer re-release)

(Note to reader: there are a number of additional commercial albums on which I played over the years, but this is all I have been able to find data on as of Oct. 12, 2008. More will be added, as they are uncovered.)

Discography of My Jazz Recordings:

Gary Mann "Blues for Baby Jesus" (1972)

Boots Randolph "Cool Boots" (1975, no solos) 

Earwitness "The Secret's Out" (1978)

Music City Sliphorn Society Band "Music City Sliphorn Society Band" (1979)

Louis Brown Orchestra "Big Band Bridge" (1979--arranging, vocals)

Ten Trombone Machine "Ten Trombone Machine" (1981)

Nashville Jazz Machine "Eli's Coming" (1982)

Boots Randolph "Dedication" (1982, no solos)

Bob Davis & the Prime Time Orchestra "Turned On Swing" (1983)

Ray Price "Portrait of a Singer" (1986)

Vocalworks "Steppin' Out" (1988) 

Boots Randolph "Live" (1992--no solos, recorded in 1981)

Citrus College Jazz Band "One Step Up" (1993--arranging, no solos)

Don Miller "This Swingin' Life" (1998)

Tony Monaco "Egg Nog, Mistletoe, Sugarplum Fairies in a Row" (2002)

Ben DiTosti & Roger Bissell "The Art of the Duo" (2003, recorded in 1992)

Doug MacDonald & Jazz Winds "Turn" (2003)

Rob Verdi "Prose & Connversations" (2003)

Edmund Velasco "Smoke Rises" (2004)

Bob Stovall "There Must Be a Way" (2004)

Bob Stovall "The Best is Yet to Come" (2005)

Side Street Strutters Jazz Band, "Back to Bourbon Street" (2005)

Bob Stovall "The Glory of Love" (2005)

Bob Stovall "Music, Maestro, Please" (2006)

Rob Verdi "Saxophobia" (2007--arranging, no solos)